“Why Atypical?”

Whether you’re a business owner or a marketing director, selecting an advertising partner is one of your most important decisions. So please, take the next few minutes to read what makes Barnestorming “The Atypical Ad Agency.” If you like our approach, and our portfolio, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your marketing challenges, share some of our stories, and see what develops.

All writers are not creative equals.

I (Jim Barnes) founded Barnestorming in 1995. As a former ad agency creative director/copywriter/strategist, I have a long track record of producing stand-out advertising campaigns and strategic projects. In fact, my work has won more than 200 creative awards in all media. One or two awards allows an agency to say, “We’re award-winning.” More than 200 awards is atypically creative.

I disdain the typical visual clichés, hackneyed headlines and lazy ideas (think chess pieces, mountain climbers, smiling people with crossed arms, “Quality”, “Commitment”, etc.). We strive for our campaigns, ads and spots to be fresh, original, engaging, relatable and relevant.

Work directly with
the Creative Director.

I started my business to work in direct, collaborative relationships with my clients. There are no layers of review and approval. No extra mouths to feed. No junior people cutting their teeth on your business. No revolving doors. No bottlenecks.

This system streamlines the process and keeps the lines of communication open and fluid. I value your experience and opinions. You have input into all things. And the final say on everything.

Instead of an in-house staff, I work with a network of independent art directors, designers, media support professionals, and other on-demand experts. Each is a pre-qualified and talented business owner. I personally handle the writing, develop plans and strategies, and oversee the activities of my affiliates.

For most of our clients, Barnestorming is contracted as full-service agency. But clients are welcome to select a la carte from our menu of services. For example, I can join your team as an adjunct copywriter or scriptwriter/producer. Or pair up with an art director and work as a creative team on a new campaign or strategic project.

Strategic media plans,
deployed with aplomb.

If you’re an advertiser, the lion’s share of your budget must be allocated to the media. We take this trust seriously and approach it strategically. We do not simply buy rating points, impressions or CPM. These are important metrics, but they do not fully comprise an effective media plan.

I’m not willing to publish our media buying strategy. That’s kind of a secret. However, we’ve been buying media for more than 25 years. We’ve developed exceptional relationships with the media, which pays off for our clients in favorable rates, placement, and added value for their media dollar.

Different media have different strengths and weaknesses. We know how to use each one, strategically and creatively. That’s not the case across the board. How often have you seen a billboard with more words than can possibly be discerned in a few seconds? Or heard a radio spot where the speed-reading pitchman is completely unintelligible?

What’s more, we audit every media invoice for accuracy and value, and provide our clients with a monthly report. We want you to know exactly what you are buying with your media dollar.

Process is important, but it’s no substitute for inspiration.

No amount of process can guarantee effective advertising. However, it’s important for us to gather all the information we can about your business, your competition, the marketing environment, etc. We do our due diligence. We just don’t overdo it.

If research is required, we know our way around a focus group, phone survey, or consumer intercept study. The key is knowing what to ask to get the information you need and interpreting it with a keen marketing focus. Then, of course, it helps to have the creative chops to use that data to your advantage (don’t forget our 200+ awards).

Whether you’re a business owner a marketing director, if you like the idea of working with an Atypical Ad Agency, Barnestorming may be just your type.

Whether you’re a business owner or a marketing director, if you like the idea of working with an Atypical Ad Agency, Barnestorming may be just your type.